This is a 1987 VW Westfalia camper, is has been very reliable for us with only a few minor problems!!! It's not fast (65mph) at the most!!! so no need to be in a hurry. I would not suggest this van to anyone who has NO mechanical experience or knowledge. They are known to be very fragile !!! (I don't agree), but still, they are 15/20 years old machines and at 5000 miles from home you better be equipped in case of any trouble... (I carry enough tools to rebuilt the engine!!!!) The interior is marvellous for the size, it is well engineered, each square inch is usable space. For sure you have to move some things around each night but that's part of the trip. It's very economical on fuel (about 20/24 highway) for a camper. Just try to find a van of that size that sleeps 4 adults???. I love my Westy... (Thanks Malcolm...)