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Engine part and Fuel Injection parts for sale!

Maintenance and modification for the Vanagon Maintenance and modification for the Transporter/Type2

Visit my complete vanagon restoration page, those vans are sold, but the section contain many very good and explicit pictures....
I had to built me my dream Vanagon... 
It's an 85 Wolsburg, it was "taupe/lite brown", it is now Tornado Red, this van was rebuilt from A to Z in the month of January & February 2007 by me... the project is now 100% completed after 300 hours. Here are some picture of the original engine, click here or on the picture to see the whole project, more than 250 pictures, i hope you have high speed connection. The engine as been replaced by a 2.5L Subaru engine.
Subaru stuff
puce Inside a Subaru 07 VVT engine
puce Inside the EJ22 
puce A more in dept view of the 2.5L conversion
puce Inside the EJ25 2.5L
puce The EJ25 2006-2007, now ready.
puce Installation of the Subaru cooling system
puce 2.2L-2.5L conversion /cooling system
puce Some battery acid damage
puce The harness
puce When a timing belt break (bent valve)

  Inside an Air-Cool Vanagon 2.0L engine
  How to remove an Vanagon Air-Cool engine
puce Ugly, odd, stange stuff, including problems, stranges vans or equipment, odd méchanical problems and more.
puce Deep rust problem, not a joke
puce Panel rust / skins removal on My Tornado Red project  (including the dreaded  lower left center side panel)
puce A really badly rusty Syncro
puce Top's and left lower panel
puce Complete job, minor rust.
puce Complete job, rust, front nose collision with a Deer
puce Removing the dash (including, blower motor and heater core and the ignition switch!!!) 
Engine (heads, pistons...)
puce Replace the fixed leaky pushrod tube by an extensible one
puce How to: Leak down test (2 videos)
puce The 1.9... and 2.1L alternator bracket fix  
puce Pistons & heads removal & Installation videos
puce The Tornado red engine (my van!)
puce Another sick puppy... (2.1L)
puce Engine swap (Roadhaus new AVP 2.1 engine)
puce Understanding a 4 cycles engine
puce Valve adjustment (Step by step)
puce Sealing the 1.9-2.1L
puce Heads removal & heads gasket componant (Basic info for now)
puce Heads removal & heads gaskets (part2, the final section..)
puce Heads gasket videos (lower O-ring removal/installation + head gasket side sealing)
puce Another really sick 2.1 engine swap job...
puce Syncro with new AMC heads project.
puce The dreaded head gasket problem (coolant corrosion)
puce Understanding the engine internal components (see-trough rear view)
puce AMC head (my opinion)
puce 1.9 Digijet engine components location
puce Head / engine gasket picture
puce Some old boxer going away for a better life
Clutch & Transmission
puce Transmission (removing and sealing)
puce Clutch removal, installation (including rear crankshaft seals)
puce Clutch principle (components)
puce Clutch diagnosis and solution
Cooling system
puce The VW (or NOT) expansion tank.... problem
puce The red cooling level light and temp gage explain
puce Water pump removal / replacement & hoses
puce Temperature sender & other cooling parts
puce Rear heater core & valve
puce Front heater valve location & replacement
puce Pressure test of the cooling system
puce Cooling hoses chart for the 2.1L
puce Understanding the cooling system / flow. 
puce Note about the front radiator staying cold
puce My little horror story...
puce Bleeding / filling the 2.1 coolant system
Oil related components
puce Oil pressure senders
puce Oil cooler; O-Ring replacement & pressure test
Fuel injection componant
puce Fuel pressure test
puce Oscillating idle /hunting
puce Intake system & Fuel injection (2 pages)
puce Fuel hoses replacement section
puce Vanagon Syndrome AFM (+ fix by Harald & Nancy)
puce Capacitors to fix Vanagon AFM Problem (by "J")
puce The oxygen sensor (simple check from Jay)
Rear-end drive components
puce Rear axle CV Joint anatomy & explanation
puce Rear axle CV Joint Servicing & maintenance

Non mechanical section:
puce Custom made interior cabinet for Westfalia
puce My Westfalia links
puce Other Vanagon link (from Andrew Fox of the Vanagon Mailing List)(revised)
puce Getting a Westfalia (what to check & verify)
puce Removing & Cleaning the fridge (propane)
puce Adding a FAN to your Dometic 182B fridge.
puce Sound system modification
puce The rear table mod (out of the way)
puce Dome lights
puce 2 small westy camper modification
puce Modifications from other members of the Vanagon Mailing List

Thanks to the members of The Vanagon Mailing List Server &  and the people.
puce Valve seats, some horror pictures 
puce Dual Solex 32-34 PDSIT rebuilt (do not !!!, i lost time and money)
puce Head removal, check and rebuilt (to be updated)
puce Understanding a 4 cycles engine
puce Finding the TDC (Top Dead Center)
puce Valve adjustment (Step by step)
puce Mechanical Timing (Understanding the relation  between the camshaft, crankshaft and the distributor call TDC)
puce Push rod tube & seal replacement
puce Alternator
puce Oil leak fix / engine removal (Oil cooler, oil filter neck, bore plug...)
puce Core rebuilt
puce The Kadron-Brosal-Solex carbs
puce The Progressive Single Weber
puce Clutch removal, installation (including rear crankshaft seals)
puce Clutch principle (components)
puce Clutch diagnosis and solution
puce Electric water/sink pump
puce Fuel injection L-Jetronic
puce Bodywork
puce New pop-top canvas...
Alot more to come on type2 engine... (2 gig of pictures!!!)
I have many sections to do on TYPE 2, but time is missing those days...

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Last update:18-12-2016
This is a prices list  and explanations page IN ENGLISH (translated by Joel B. Cort from the vanagon mailling list) on the complete or partial VW engine reconstructions orsealing of a motor that leaks, or all considerable works needed on the wasser motor. ATTENTION!!! For those that think that they only need a "Heads Gasket job" on those leaky heads, read attentively the first section on the VW motors. Sometimes, it is simple, and sometimes (rather often) it is NOT... This page also offers a good explanation on engines conversions, including the Subaru and Ford ZETEC. To see the completes conversion  of our vehicle, click here. (click on the picture for more of info)


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