Subaru conversion for your Vanagon Westfalia 1983-1991
----Last update: 18-août-2015----

Replace the engine of your Vanagon with a more powerful and reliable Subaru engine !

  • More reliable! No more engine failures on the road! Your Vanagon is now powered by a Japanese engine technology.

  • Better fuel economy! The newer technology usually results in better fuel economy, up to 25% improvement.

  • Up to 100% more power! Finally your Vanagon perform like most modern mini-van .No more slow down on hills

  • Subaru engine are well known by the mechanics! It's easier to find a garage for regular maintenance.

For more information or if you have questions, contact us.

See the conversion or our own van done in 2007 (already 40k on it!!)!)

Engines origin:
All our engines are bought in Québec (sold with serial number and invoice),  BJP only buys engines from cars that where damaged in the back, side or rollover. No engine come from car damaged in the front. All the engines are started, listened and tested before they are removed from the car, and more, ALL the engines have less than 75, 000km (in general, they have between 500 and 20,000km +1500$).

Ours 2007 The 2008
-Geneviève 2.5L 2006 QC
-Patrice 2.5L 2004 QC
-Claude 2.5L 2006 QC
-Bruce 2.5L 2004 Nouvelle Écosse
-Julie 2.2L 1995 AB
-Andrée 2.2L 1996 QC
-Jean-Pierre L 2.2L 1996 QC
-Jean-Pierre B 2.5L 2004 QC
-Mark D 2.5L 2007 Mexique
-Yvan 2.5L 2004 QC
-Fabian 2.5L 2007 QC
-Mike SVX 6cyl  TX
-Réjean 2.5L 2005 QC
-Kim 2.5L
2007 QC
-Bruno 2.5 2007 QC
-Charles 2.5L 2006 (Juin) QC
-Elden 2.5L 2004 (Août) Yukon

-André 2.5L (Juillet) QC
-Paul 2.5 06-07, Manitoba
-Germain (Août) QC

-Robert 2.5L (QC) QC

-Jason (EX brother in law), 2.2L 1997
-Renald 2.5L Nouveau-Brunswick
-François 2.5L 2006-07 
The 2009 The 2010
-Dominic, 2.5L 2006 Jan QC
-Lise & Gilles,  2.5L 2004 Mar QC

-Rejean 2.5L 2006-07
-Guy, 2.5L 2006
-Mike Griffiths, ON, 2.5L 2006
Simon 2.5L 2007 July
-Bertrand, Subi 2009
-Chantal, 2007 2.5L
-Ray, NH, 09 2.5L -Dominic, QC, 2.5L
-Simon, BC 2.5L

-Pierre, QC, 2.5L

-Daniel, QC, 2.5L 09 

-Maurice, 2.5L

-Joel, QC, 2.5L 

-Rober, NS, 2.5L 

-Pierre, BC, 2.5L 
-Danny, NS, 2.5L

hristophe, QC, 2.5L
-Jean-Baptiste, QC, 2.5L
-Pierre, QC, 2.5L
The 2011   The 2012 The 2013
-Frank, Sask, 2.5L
-Gabriel, QC, 2.5L
-Sebastien, QC, 2.5L
-Chantal, Qc, 2.5L
-Denis, Qc, 2.5L
-Alain, Qc, 2.5L
-Mark, Mass. 2.5L
-Christian, Qc
-The officer



-Donna & Mulen
-Glen, BC
-Larry, ON
-Eric, QC

Michel, 2.5L  
David, 2.5L  (DONE)
Normand, 2.5L  
Pierre D 2.5L


-Francois, 2.5L (DONE)
Pierre Luc, 2.5L (DONE)
Chris, complete restoration, transmission & Subaru engine  (winter 2013)
Jean-Marc, 2.5L (DONE)
-Jason Flynn,
-Marc T, 2.5L
-Barry,  2.5L
-André,  2.5L
-Trevor,  2.5L
-Yves, 2.5L
ATTENTION!  1500$  will be added for a low mile engine - 500 - 15,000km  

2.5L Turbo 250HP conversion
Strarting at 1
6,999$ installed.


EJ-25 2.5L 172HP (2006-2010)
"Fly By Wire", VVT (Variable Valve Timing) 500km to 10,000km


9500$ + installation

installation on manual transmission van $1200 (2013).
installation on automatic transmission van $1500 (2013)
+ $250
for the automatic transmission oil cooler
+250$ for the new bell housing for  4 speed.
+120$ for a worked Subaru flywheel  (4 speed)

1500$ more for a low mile (less then 15,000km) engine


ATTENTION!!! PLEASE read carefully  the text below, be aware of all possible optional/ variation in price for each type of van, some conversion can cost more on some specific year and/or if you van is in bad shape!!!!!
  • Syncro 4X4 van, 500$ more, don't ask why.

  • Manual transmission: Clutch $120 (disck only), it need to be replace unless it's only a few year old, even then, it need to be clean (no oil on it!) If contaminated, it's good for garbage.

  • Exhaust system: $520-$620 (including a SS J-pipe) $950 in SS (Stainless Steel, we can use part/all of your system if it's in GOOD shape, and that is ONLY on 1986+ van!!!!! On 83-85 van it's impossible tu use the OEM exhaust!!!

  • Plastic cooling line: $425 (+$300 installation). Those are the long line that run under your van from the front radiator to the engine. The 83-85 use metal line, those are to long  and to smal in diameter for the conversion, on top, they are often rusted to the bone so we CAN'T USE them! It mean that all 83-85 owner need NEW platic (1986+ style). Again, on some 1986+ van the one of the plastic line (the hot one) show extrem wear so your van may need new one also! The intallation cost for the coolant line is $300

  • Front radiator: $300 (+$100 installation) OEM quality. Of course we won't do a 10K$ conversion without making sure that your radiator is in perfect shape! And of course, on most van it's NOT!

  • Starter:
    Automatic transmission : SR0408X/409X 380$ (used 120$) + adapteur (90$)
    Manual Transmission: Subaru used 140$ or rebuilt at 275$

  • So that mean that if your van is in poor shape or/and you have a 83-85 the total of the invoice could be around $12,000 (+tax) or more.


  • Manual 4 speed: You transmission (if in good shape) as NO problem holding the Subaru power, again, many transmission are on their last miles. The Subi may help them die faster! A complete rebuilt transmission with optional higher fourth gear is available from AA Transaxle for around $2000 + installation. With the higher fourth gear you will loose 500rpm on the higway.

  • Automatic transmission: The automatic transmission are very solid and will handle the Subaru without any troubles. But it's impossible to modify this one to loose some RPM on highway. The trick is to put bigger tires.

A deposit of $2000 is required (NONE REFUNDABLE) to reserve you a spot, another 2000$ when we find an engine, then $2000 a month before the project start, balance at the end.  Check are accepted for the deposits  BUT No CHECK for the final payment!
Final payment by bank transfer, Interact E transfer or cash.
The waiting time is about 2-3 months




Some more in deep information on the Subaru engine conversion.

Complete optional "Stainless Steel" exhaust system


Optional high torque LUK clutch

Why a Subaru!

  1. It is a "Boxer" type engine , therefore it's the same format / shape(flat engine) as the original engine. This one fit perfectly in the engine bay, even before it's being converted/adapted.

  2. It is a Japanese engine, which in my opinion, are way more reliable than the old VW engines. This type of engine  uses counter-balancer, which explains the great stability when idling. It is in fact a modern engine with a modern injection system  equiped with an electronic OBD2 diagnostic standard. The computer (installed in the back of the right braking light is in a sealed box), and the famous  electronic harness are "Plug and Play" type, therefore no welding or cutting is needed on the wires.

  3. The adaptation (conversion) of today is  far superior to the one done the past. Over the years, companies such as "Small Car & Kenedy" (manufacturer of main conversion parts) have improved their components to the point that the fit is simply more then perfect. Yes, perfect! There was some holes in the cooling system, but we have perfectly solved this problem with a unique and simple system.

  4. The cooling system is made out of simple but very well design parts.. This system, yet very simple, took several years to develop. Today, it fit and it perfectly adapt to the Vanagon system.

  5. The famous adapter plate has seen much improvement over the last years. Today, this plate has reached a height and is simply perfect.

  6. The power and the torque are superior to all the other conversions. Especially for the price, with a 2.5L, we finally have the impression that this vehicle has reached the power that he deserves, and we even do not speak of the security provided this power surplus .

  7. The engines that we choose have between 500km and 20, 000km. Although 20, 000km may seem a high mileage, this is really not much for a Japanese engine.  All engine are checked and tested, we do many test including compression and leak dow test. All engines have a 2 year warranty.

  8. The complete or partial repair/rebuilt of your VW engine may, in a very near future, cost you between $5000 and $7000, because unfortunately the internal and external parts are more and more dificult to get, therefore more and more expensive, we are not talking about the CORE / CASE / CENTER of the engine, those are getting old and beyond repair.

  9. You find it expensive? well, for that price, it is impossible to find a small modern camper comparable to the Westfalia Vanagon. The closest rivals are around  $60.000  (New West, Roadtreck...) So if you made the calculation, investing around 13.000 $ for a  modern engine conversion (transmission and engine) on a camper who has cost between $10,000 and 20.000 $( for those who invest over the years),  we still are very far from 60K$ for a New West / Roadtreck. It's you choice! The future of Vanagon camper will change, you will see the stock one (average maintenance) around $8000 to $14,000 and the completely rebuilt / restored / converted one, those should sell in between $20,000 amd $40,000. We will now have 2 kind of Vanagon camper on the road...

  10. You still have doubts! Visit our page "Travel in Mexico 2008". we have traveled 13, 000km in 2.5 months, and yes, no problems! In addition, what a delight that power!