Engine / FI parts for sales
All parts have been tested, they are use part unless stated, all are in working condition. 
All sales are final. I have many engines in parts so you may need stuff that is not shown here or I forgot to list them
, just ask.
I prefer Paypal but I can take credit card (Visa & MC)
, you need to call me 450-676-0714 for credit card #.
Both Taxes will be appl
ied if your from Quebec, GST to the rest of Canada. No taxes for US Customers or international.
I have between 15-20 engines in parts (I do Subaru conversion and i buy the engine from the owner). If you need small part like fuel rail (EX:15$) i have them of course but minimum order is 50$, so you need to take more stuff.

Many parts are not listed, just ask. I will check and make you a price.  All parts are/will be cleaned as much as possible.

Some parts show different price range = part condition.

I will ship Canada Post / USPS only! If you need insurance and/or tracking # just ask, you pay for shipping. 

We also have 2 working 2.1L engine (both around 140k miles) in PA (US), they don't show any of coolant leak,
one will need cranksaft oil seal. Both where driven before removal and had plenty of power, 700$ + shipping.

Contact me (Ben) at: info@benplace.com

Digifan engine parts, engine 2.1L 1986-1991

Part # Description Picture
(click for big size)
Price in USD

025 906 301C Air Flow Meter (AFM) without the air box 90$
025 133 067 Throttle Body with working idle switch 90$
025 906 022 ECU / Computer (BOSCH & TA) 120$
251 907 393 (B&D) Idle control box 80-120$ (D is 120$)
035 133 455F
025 906 457A
Idle control valve 50-80$
025 905 205M Distributor unit 50-100$
  Fuel regulator ? 40$
AL27-X Alternator 65$-125$
  Harness connector (just the plug itself and 10in or wire) 60$
  Mostly complete harness (i take the junction plug for the Subaru conversion) ? 225$
  Coil 30$
  Fuel injector (if you take 2 i give you the fuel rail)
1.9L shown.
  Coolant line from water pump to right head. 40-90$
  The expensive VW metal bypass coolant line, those are not the cheap version, they are VW OEM in very good to perfect shape. 75$
  Oil cooler coolant line, the long one from thermostat. 50$
  Oil cooler coolant line, the small one. 30$


Digijet engine parts, engine 1.9L 1983-1985

Part # Description Picture Price in USD

280 200 038 Air Flow Meter (AFM) without the air box 65$
022 133 067C Throttle Body 75$
025 906 021 ECU / Computer BOSCH 75$
025 906 021C ECU / Computer, this is a rare TA, it look ugly but it work well, it as somekind of gravel guard on it. 75$
251 906 083 Idle control 40$
211 905 357A Ignition unit (i have some NEW one for 100$) 50$
025 905 205 Distributor unit ( D1984 & K1985), i have other letter... 50-100$
  Fuel regulator ? 40$
  Alternator 65$-125$
  Mostly complete harness (i take the junction plug for the Subaru conversion) ? 150$
025 121 436 The infamous "H" cooling part 35$
  The rear bleeder / hose junction. 65$
  The bypass metal line / cooling pipe on top of engine (discontinued at VW) 120$
  Fuel injector (if you take 2 i give you the fuel rail) 25$
------ Air Valve / Cold start valve 30$
  I have some nice pump housing 70$

I have parts for Air-Cool engine also (Bus and Vanagon), just ask i will have a look

Dual relay for all years, some new some use. 20-100$
  Alternator regulator, i have new one and old one.