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By Ben... please use for personal use only, Than you  10 avr. 2008  ( Click on any picture for a bigger view )

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She is the best... and the background to...

cabot_cheticamp.jpg (38228 bytes)

My personal best

cabot_cheticamp2.jpg (72191 bytes)

My second personal best 


cabot_valley1.jpg (63114 bytes)

It is dificult to explain how beautiful this place is, of course is't on the Cabot Trail...

ingonish_surounding1.jpg (60400 bytes)

OK, tranquility or not, nature at her best

lunenburg_quai1.jpg (93007 bytes)

Lunenburg, home of the Bluenose (Scooner ship). Probably one fo the most beautiful town in NS


pleasent_bay_beach1.jpg (76194 bytes)

Pleasant bay, i love the place, this is July and you can have a beach for your self...

pleasent_bay_beach2.jpg (68390 bytes)

My beach, my name is on it

pleasent_bay_cabot1.jpg (66508 bytes)

Huumm, yeap... this is Pleasent Bay

Anapolis Royal,  my girfriend choice

Cheticamp on Cape Breton, my choice. At the far end you can see the famous "Cabot Trail" DONT MISS!!!!!

Yeappp!!! I look good ha ha ha

Cheticamp, Crab season, a full crab for 4$????

Like i said, DONT miss Lunenburg

First time in my life i have seen Whale... for 20$ (canadian)


The Camping a was talking about, whant do you whant more (in Anapolis)


In Digby

In Pictou, The Hector ship as been lunch last summer (I think)

The Keltic lodge in Ingonish (This is a nice trail just behind)

Somewhere in Cheticamp???


Mahone bay,  1 1/2 hours Ouest from Halifax, very nice typical maritime town

The cave around Lunenburg, or is it in Cape Breton near Cheticamp????

Low tide in Digby, the highest tide in the world


The Acadian road between Digby and Yarmouth


In Ingonish, YES baby NO SNOW, what a view...

This is the Cape Breton, and it is just the begining

Back of the Keltic Lodge, it is a nice 1 houre trail...

Haaaaaa sea food, it was mmmmmmmmm....


BIG pictures, so be patient will they load

This the main park in Anapolis (the big one)

On the Lunenburg quay at 6 in the morning

After this picture, if you are still asking your self: "should I go to the Cape Breton!", you have a problem...... (the small camground you see on the left side is amazing)

This is a very nice campgroung in Anapolis, can you ask for more.....


Louisbourg, for the one that are still asking themselves!!!


A few last one... for now!!!

NB, Bay of Fundy Standing Rock

Low tide on the Bay of fundy, NB Side

In ingonish on the Cape Breton, the best chowdder and Lobster Roll (Ouest end of Ingonish)

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Your host, Ben and Carolyn

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I hope you have enjoy those few pictures and they will give you the will to come to Canada, my beautiful country...

Your host, Ben From Montreal, Canada

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