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Santa Cruz - Miramar

We found a little Paradis for a few days... Paraiso Miramar, 17$ a day, everything is including, even the Internet Wi-Fi at our camper. We met some people who are talking about magic places to see on our way back, inland... It's a rocky beach, far from a sandy beach. BUT ! What a peacful place, and dreamful vegetation that makes you dreaming. The campgroung offers 3 little pools for dabbling, and a bigger one for swimming. Leaves, flowers, fruits, small animals to discovered... and beautiful views on the coast.. Nous avons trouvé un petit paradis pour quelques jours... Paraiso Miramar, à 17$ par jour. Ceci inclus tous les services, en plus d'une connexion Wi-Fi à partir de notre campement. Nous avons rencontré des gens qui nous proposent de visiter certains endroits magiques sur notre retour à l'intérieur des terres... La plage est de roche, loin d'être sablonneuse. MAIS ! Quel endroit paisible, en plus d'offrir une végétation à faire rêver. Pour compenser la baignade, le camping offre l'accès à un îlot de 3 piscines pour barboter, et d'une plus grande un peu plus loin pour y nager. Feuillages, fleurs, fruits, petits animaux à découvrir... Et une vue surprenante sur la côte...


When Ken arrived, he was with Rick, a nice quiet guy who was alone in his tent in Sayulita. Rick decided to come with Ken to see this place. Ken and I and Sylvie have to leave on Sunday, but Rick wants to stay here for a few more days.

Star fruits















Pink Bouguin Villier



One big  pool



3 small pools





















Bread fruits



Red hants

Withe Bouguin Villier

Donald from Sacramento, he is specialized in wildlife in Mexico


André and Liette, from Quebec City, come to this campground during this time of the year for now 4 years in a row

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