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Zacatecas - Villa Corona
First, the Subaru installation was a success,  after some sad goodbye to Mark & Patricia, we left the beautiful city of Zacatecas yesterday morning, we is me and Sylvia, Paul & Linda, jerry and Jonathan. Hans stayed behind to finish some small details, hi should join us today. We took the toll highway (about 25$ total!!!) to Guadalajara, a faster route than the nice but longer 54. Guadalajara is one big city! (second after Mexico city) we had plan to go around in the “Perifico” but yea! of course we never found the perifico and ended up in the center of it… what an experience, at the main “CRASY” intersection we lost Jerry and Jonathan, Peter was able to find me back, wile trying to stop somewhere to wait for them… i hit hard the sidewalk… i thought that i had destroy my front right tire and wheel, but fortunately that German wheel is way stronger than i thought… anyway, with the help of those portable radio and some luck we all meet back a little out of the city at a Pemex, but again, Paul & Linda had a small mechanical problem with the master cylinder, brake light was ON and they were loosing fluid fast, night was coming and we had to fix that before dark. The good new was that it was only the bottle O-ring/sleeve that was leaking… a few tie rap and were back on the road, 20 minutes later we entered the little town on Villa Corona, why! Hot Spring and a campground. My fist impression was not so good, 19$ a nigh with access to all pools… anyway, we had a great night talking and eating, this morning I’m sitting in the little paradise full of gringos mostly from Canada and some from the US, but Canadian are everywhere. Me, i have NO problem with RV park and the gringos in it, i think that they are travelers like me and for the most of them, they are great folks. So, Sylvia is like a little girl this morning, she is surrounded by palm trees and all those hot spring pools. I’m sitting here, alone in the sun, in a nice little terrace with WIFI, the sun is up, it’s goona be nice today… still, the night are cold, around 8C. But they say the days are hot. Kind of perfect i guess. Not the beach but a nice compromise. Peter and Ernst are leaving today, slowly for Zamora, Hans should be coming, Linda & Paul and Jonathan may leave for a free place on the lake? I will stay with Jerry and may go with him to pick up Sofie Wednesday night. Tuesday is market day and Wednesday is an Mexican holiday, the local told me it’s gonna be crazy and full of firework… fiesta por favor!!!  Anyway, that is the situation for part of the group now.

Me, well, i finally  for the fist time ??? feel that the real vacation and relaxing time are coming, i need it bad. For those who are reading us and in some ways dream of a trip like that!!! DO IT BEFORE IT'S TO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My goal today, getting in town and around with my camera bag, time for some pictures. So i will create a new page on my site about this place.

Hasta la vista baby.

Premièrement, l'installation du Subaru a été un succès. Après avoir fait nos adieux à Mark & Patricia (qui semblent très heureux de leurs nouveau moteur), nous sommes enfin de retour sur la route, direction SUD vers les Hot Springs de Villa Corona au sud de Guadalajara. La route fut tranquille, nous avons décidé de prendre l'autoroute car le temps manque quand t'es 4 Vans et que tu dois faire 350km. La traversé de Guadalajara fut tout un événement, nous avons manqué le "Perifico" (route qui contourne la ville) et nous nous sommes perdus en plein centre ville! Nous avons perdu Jerry et Jonathan. Grâce a nos GPS et radio longue portée, nous avons fini par nous retrouver saints et saufs au sud de la ville dans un Pemex. Par contre, l'Eurovan de Paul & Linda avaist un problème de liquide de freins. En regardant de plus près, il y avait une fuite énorme à la base du contenant. Par chance, seulement le O-ring du bas était fissuré. Avec l'aide de "Tie-Rap"(!!!!) nous avons compressé le réservoir sur le maître cylindre.
Plus que 25 KM à notre destination. Première impression, des gros RV, des piscines, il fait presque noir, je suis épuisé... Anyway, un bon souper, des amis et une couple de bières me rendent heureux. Une nuit encore assez froide, mais bon, nous sommes toujours dans les montagnes...  Ce matin, encore un beau soleil radieux, la température monte vite. Je suis, ici, assis sur une petite terrasse, café, soleil, les gens des RV sont formidables. Plusieurs pensent que ces gens sont si différents de nous... "Bullshit", ils sont comme nous. Ils ont plus de confort, un confort bien mérité pour la plupart d'entre eux. Sylvie est heureuse, enfin, de l'eau chaude venant de nappe souterraine, du soleil, de la chaleur... En fin de compte, cela semble bien ici ! C'est jolie et très relax. Le village très typique semble charmant, demain, c'est la journée "du marché local", Mercredi, c'est une fête importante au Mexique (La Guadelupe), donc ce sera la Fiesta. Cela a déjà commencé d'ailleurs, on entend des canons annonçant la fête à partir de 5 heures du matin ! Le coq se met aussi de la fête ! Je sens que je vais enfin commencer à relaxer et à me reposer. J'en ai grandement besoin. Hans qui est resté à Zacatecas pour finaliser la conversion devrait nous rejoindre aujourd'hui. Peter & Ernst ont déjà quitté pour Zamora. Donc nous somme 4 vans pour l'instant, Paul & Linda, Jonathan, Jerry (qui attend avec impatience l'avion de Sofie qui arrive Mercredi) et nous. La camaraderie est très bien entre nous.

On sort  les gros fusils (Camera) cette après midi... cet endroit est plus "typique" que Zacatecas, les gens sont colorés... anyway, les images s'en vienne ce soir.

Pour ceux qui nous lisent et qui rêvent d'un jour d'un tel voyage, et bien RÉALISER LE AVANT qu'il soit trop tard! Pour l'instant, ma job c'est de vous faire rêver!

Hasta la vista Baby.

Here are the pictures... (By Sylvie & Ben) Voici les photos... (Par Sylvie & Ben)

He he... a nice rad.


A nice view of Zacatecas wile testing the Subi.

Here is the group, but the funny thing is that there are other westies in the campground!

In Montreal, we pay a fortune for those flower plants. Here, they are growing everywhere !

The park itself is old and went through different phases of popularity over the years... i find it nice.

The hot water coming from the ground, they filled them up each morning.

Jorge, the manager of Parque Acuatico Chimulco. Very conscientious, always smiling to us.

Who says that Mexico is not in the modern world.

The cat of the campground. If it's not a dog, every campground needs one !

Bob, a great neighbor, his full of advices, his been here for many years in RV.

Dorothy, his wonderful wife. You want to have a good laugh, talk with this lady. She has a very good sens of humor ! She complains about the few americans in this campgound.

Terry, a canadian lady, a friend of Bob and Dorothy. No wonder why they're friends, she is just as sweet as them ! She now lives in British Colombia, but she used to live in Quebec. Here french is perfect !

What can we say about here husband Larry ? His smile tells everything ! Thanks for the maps of Mexico Larry, they will be helpful !

Sofie and Gerry, finally together in the hot springs ! Is it the hot springs who is giving the effect of the steam or is it the heat of love ?

Like every morning, since they arrived, Lynda and Paul are enjoying their coffee in the pool. What a life, hey ?

What would you expect more than this ? Be able to work under the sun of Mexico ! Jonathan, you got it all !

Are Ben and Hans working now ? Nope !

Do you see what is in between Ken and his van ?! Yes ! A bike to enjoy the roads and the beaches of Mexico ! Ken is from Saskatchewan and he is a film maker. He has his van for only 3 months, and I think he figured out one of the best scenario for a trip in Mexico with a van ! Jealous, me ? Yep ! :-)

Sunset at Chimulco by the lake



Lynda makes this beautifull and practical tent for the Eurovan. Nope, she doesn't want to start a company with this idea. She doesn't like sowing, she says. Maybe, but she's good at it, believe me !

Duke, give us a smile ! Yes, momy is coming ! The 12 th !

El Duko and Jerry are waiting for Sofie, I gess !

A very nice local market, every Tuesday... lot's of flavor.

The big Fiesta, La Guadalupe !

Those bracelets around the ankles of the dancers add a nice sound to the music.



What a sweet kid, following the rhythm of the music ! Smack !


Another kind of special shoes that create the rhythm. Look at the grass on the street. This grass is all over the route of the parade.


Is this boy represent the man who saws the Saint Mary up in the mountain ? With those roses all around him, maybe.


Dancing horses ! Just beautiful !


Confetti fall on your head during the parade, just like in a wedding. That makes you feel more and more the ambiance of the fiesta !

At the very end of the parade, there is a mass.

          After, all you can eat and drink is there !


The last dinner at Villa Corona

How to get 8 people at the restaurant in a van in Mexico... Yes, it's legal...

But hey, Ben and Jonathan ! get in the van ! De policia won't like it !

Everyone has some guacamole

Appetizer of Jerry

Tostito Camaron


Main meal of Paul

Orninary Tortillas Hueva

Main meal of Lynda, Sofie, Hans, and Ben

Camaron AL Ajillo

Main meal of Sylvie

Camaron Con Pulpo A La Veracruzana


Main meal of Jonathan

Camaron A La Queso

Main meal of Jerry

Camaron A La Momia BBQ

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