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Teacapan (south of Mazatlan)

Saltelite view of Teacapan & Villas Onac, about 7 miles a part. Teacapan is the end of the road!
Une vue Satelite de Teacapan et the Villas Onac, 10 km entre les deux. La route se termine à Teacapan


View of the Teacapan Bay. / Vue sur la baie de Teacapan

I will later find that little campgroung on the other side / Je vais plus tard comprendre ou est ce petit camping.

Shrimp comming out of the boat / Crevettes a volonté

The little campground i found, it's not in the Church Book / Voila le petit camping que j'ai trouvé, il n'est pas dans le livre Church.




Corey & Ted are in town!

A peace of cheese and a peace of salami ? No wonder  why you don't catch just one fish, Ted ! The cheese in Mexico has no flavor, and the salami his better to catch vultures, here !


We went with Ted and Corey in the mangroves to see birds....                                                Nous sommes allés avec ted et Corey dans les mangroves pour voir des oiseaux..




Victor, our guide, a charming man/ Victor, notre guide, un homme charmant


Mussels stick on the roots of the trees/ Les moules s'agrippent aux racines des arbres



The fisher man call this mountain "The dead man". See, it looks like the face of a man laying on his back/ Les pêcheurs nomment cette montagne, l'homme mort. Remarquez, on dirait le visage d'un homme sur le dos.







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