Our main goal at is Westfalia Vanagon restoration. We also offer a multitude of specialize mechanical work. Engine work , body work and Subaru engine conversion is our strength.

Benplace - Westfalia 14 years


We are located on the south shore of Montreal, Canada

1313 Frère André avenue, Saint-Césaire, QC J0T 1T0

Operation hours:
Mostly from 10am to......very late! (Call before!!!!!!!)

To reach us:
Phone: 450-947-1677
Cell phone in case of emergency: 514-823-4865

EMERGENCY ONLY: huotben@gmail.com


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  This English page is a compress page compare to our French one, why, because in Quebec we are French speaking and most of our customers are local, but lately, i have been doing job for people from all over Canada and USA so i understand the need for upgrading my English BJP page, so with time i will do so. You also need to understand that this site is maintain by me only, so it's very demanding to fully maintain a bilingual site. Thank you for understanding.  
  If you have any question about our work or anything else, please e-mail me, i will be glad to answer any questions you may have in English. This web site in general has more English then French, mostly in my "VW tec section"  

Subaru engine conversion
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Some of our engine work
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Rate per hr 75$ (No more credit card, NO CHECK!!!!, cash , Paypal, E-transfer or bank transfer)
for body work, partial restoration and complete restoration, it is a case by case rating.

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Changes in 2018.
  BJP as almost 13 years. More than 40 paintings, more than 120 original engine rebuilt (partially or in full) and more than 105 Subaru engine conversions . BJP is no more a team but a one men show since 3 years. Working with 25-30 year old vehicle is really not easy ( ugly picture coming soon) and especially in Canada. For the past 3 years I only did engine conversions and complete restoration in winter time. I will no longer work on the original engine .


Subaru engines conversions:
  The years are going forward and not in a good way . Effective immediately, any excess of work with rust or abundant grease will be charged at the rate of $ 75 per hour. And that is the case of most van. If you want to save money have your engine bay deeply cleaned before coming to my shop  
We are no longer in 2007 (start of engine conversions) and nice low mileage 2006-2009 no longer exists. The super nice 2011-2013 engine cost me $1500 more than the old price. I can still find 2008-2010 for the same price as before but the mileage varies between 60.000 km and 120.000 km . They must be open and partially redone.
Technical : The Legacy has kept the SOHC 2.5L engine until 2013, good news and bad news. The engine block is the same 90 %, but demand small modification (available at a very low mileage). The electronics is now CANBUS and I do not touch this complex system, so I have to get my intake (plenum) and harnesses from 2006-2011 Impreza or Forester (OBD2 computer and wiring). So the good year when everything was delivered to me on a silver platter are gone. It now requires more work, more research and take more time . For those wishing for those newer engines price is increasing immediately, $ 1,500 more on the old price .
Vanagon 4 speed : News , 1 new EXPENSIVE option, A Subaru 5 speed transmission (See video bellow, prices to come) .
 No more adapter plate!!! I will use a new bell housing.  This way Subaru components ( clutch and starter ) can be used. (Please see video bellow) but again this will increase the price by 250$ over the price shown on the subaru conversion page.
Never believe that an engine conversion is easy even after 90 done, it is ALWAYS a new adventure every time , a case by case.